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Tablet computers: a little history

Most people assume that the history of the tablet computer started when Apple introduced the iPad in 2010. In fact this is far from the case; there have been many previous attempts to build tablets before. Previous attempts all failed for one reason however, they could not be made small enough to be useful.

IPadTablet computers have a history that is much longer than most people realize. The first attempt at building what today would be considered a tablet actually came about in the fifties. This was the first attempt at using hand writing recognition with a digital computer instead of a keyboard to input data. There were a few other attempts to do the same thing during the sixties but none of these went anywhere. While these computers were the predecessors of the modern tablets because they used pen technology they were of course very large computers that took up whole rooms.

The first attempts at building computers that we would think of today as tablets started in the eighties. This was the first time that computer technology allowed computers to be built that were small enough to be held in somebody’s hands. There early attempts were still fairly large and they were limited in what they could do so they never really took off and as a result they soon disappeared from the market.

In 1999 Microsoft tried to create a tablet and they got a lot further than their predecessors did. They were able to build a tablet that was quite capable and could actually rival laptops of the day in terms of performance. Unfortunately Microsoft ran into the same problem as their predecessors had, they could not make their tablet small enough. It became pretty obvious that for a tablet to of any real use it would have to be small enough to be held in one hand. Microsoft were a long way from making this happen.

While attempts were being made to build a tablet smart phones were also being developed. These took mobile phones and added operating systems to them in order to make them more capable. Although they are not able to do all of the things that a computer would do they are able to do a lot of the same things. It did not take long for Apple to realize that this was the route to a successful tablet.

Apple realized that the way to build a tablet was to make a smart phone bigger and more capable instead of trying to make a computer smaller. The result was the iPad which was the first successful tablet. Although these tablets are not as capable as a computer they are starting to get close. The result is that tablets will likely become even more popular in the future.